Cutting Hair Off To Go Natural

Begin with your hair in its dry and natural state. Perhaps the biggest question asked when it comes to going natural is whether to Big Chop or transition slowly.

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If youre keeping some of your new length youll want to start off by parting your hair into four sections.

Cutting hair off to go natural. Want to go natural without doing the Big Chop. Long Hair grow out. Start by cutting off a few inches of your hair and then once a month cut off ¼-½ an inch of hair.

This is like a reset button on your hair. There are no long waits to go natural. In addition to shears and separating.

The amount of time it takes to completely transition depends on the length of your relaxed hair how often you trim or cut off the relaxed hair and if there are any setbacks such as hair. By chopping off the hair thats been chemically treated you can start over with new natural growth. Dont set a time just yet.

You dont have to know when youll rock your 100 natural hair right away. Many women grow it out at shoulder length trimming color off little by little month by month. If you want to go natural but dread the idea of the big chop dont despair.

Medium length grow out. Begin by leaving one section out and using clips to keep the. With a big chop you have a fresh start no.

The line of demarcation is where your natural hair meets the relaxed hair. After years of feeling like I had to. I dyed my hair platinum blonde now.

After The Big Chop most women are. Of my hair and my girlfriend went n. The Big Chop is a nickname most women in the natural hair community will be familiar with.

Black womens hair is political. How to trim your natural hair without heat This DIY haircut tutorial is perfect for trimming natural hair and curls without heat. Your hair is returned to its natural state as soon as your relaxed hair is chopped off.

How to Trim Split Ends on Natural Hair. Im so glad I made the decision to go natural. For this reason.

Men love their women with long porn-star hair. If I stopped relaxing my hair Id have to cut it off cut it all off. The trick is to not stretch or pull the curl out.

It is done to cut off all of your relaxed or damaged hair leaving you with natural hair only either a buzzed cut or a small afro ear length curls or a full shaved head of hair. Is there a way to go natural without facing the big chop. Transitioning to natural hair is a simple process of growing out your natural texture before cutting off the processed or damaged ends.

It is a point of weakness and the source of breakage for many transitioners. The most important part of cutting the hair is using the right. I knew this before but after chopping off my hair holy cow.

The big chop route involves cutting off all or almost all of your permed hair. It may take a little extra time but you can transition your hair so that it looks beautiful. The Equinox Professional Razor Edge Hair Shears is a bestseller and will do the job with minimal damage to both hair and wallet.

Jen took a little over two years to grow her long bleach blond hair out to shoulder length and then she cut off the remaining dye. The Big Chop is a term that is used in the natural hair community to describe the act of cutting off all chemically processed hair. Jo is just starting her long grow out process.

Everyone looking to go natural does not always want to begin their journey by cutting off all of their hair. Section out your hair with clips so that you can work your way up. You can transition from relaxed to natural hair without eliminating the length you worked so hard to grow.

But there are some things to keep in mind when deciding to go this. Going all in on the big chopor dramatically cutting off relaxed hair into a short styleis one of the fastest ways to start your natural hair journey but its. Over time youll have removed all of the damaged relaxed hair to.

If youre only looking to cut hair a few times a year go with a more affordable pair that has solid reviews. I had two male coworkers at the time and both responded in essentially the same way.

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