How To Cut Your Own Natural Hair

By Jessica Lewis September 9 2014 October 27 2020 Most of us will have a haircut at some point during our natural hair. Use shears and hair ties to cut natural-looking long layers.

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How to cut your own natural hair. If you want to cut your lob bob or shoulder-length hair this method involves bringing hair to the front and securing with small elastics before trimming off ends. Best Scissors to use when you Trim your Natural Hair You need to use a pair of good shears to cut your hair. Keep These Tips in Mind Have someone else help.

Then keeping your chin to your chest part your hair into one-inch. Section out your hair with clips so that you can work your way up. How To Trim Or Cut A Long BobYou will need a pointed comb scissors clips and a water sprayer to moisten the ha.

This is how I cut my own hair at home. Any other scissors will leave a jagged end that is far more prone to splitting in the future. Then shape the hair in the way they like to.

If youve never trimmed your own natural hair the thought of doing it on your own can be downright scary. Its ideal if you have hair clippers a feather razor or hair-cutting shears. Leave the curl the shape that.

Hair shears range from 10 to several hundred dollars. Section hair into four sections and double-strand twist each. When youre ready to start cutting start by parting your hair down the middle regardless of where you normally part it.

Cutting natural hair If youre wanting to cut natural texture take small sections and pull the hair down and barely trim the ends Wintner says. And if you are too nervous Id recommend going to a stylist. In addition to shears and separating clips youll need three tools to detangle and smooth your hair before.

Starting at your hairline gathered the front section of your hair spanning about the length of your forehead and moving back about 1 inch 25 cm. Put Your Hair in Small to Medium Sized Twists. The trick is to not stretch or pull the curl out.

This will create a soft feathery edge says Cohen. Clean up any choppy ends with. You do not need a hairdresser anymore Hircare hairdresser HOW to CUT YOUR OWN HAIR at home HairHair.

Cut a hole in a plastic garbage bag and slip it over your head for a salon cape that gets the job done. Paper or fabric scissors are not designed for cutting hair and will only damage your ends further. Otherwise try a tip from Maryam Maquillage see below.

How to trim your own natural haircurls. This self-cutting trimmer might be of assistance if you plan to cut your own hair without any help. Begin with your hair in its dry and natural state.

This is All Natural. Use scissors to cut 12 inch off from the end of each twist. But if youre willing to be patient and give your hair a little TLC along the way youll start loving everything about this new journey and your natural texture.

This DIY haircut tutorial is perfect for trimming natural hair and curls without heat. Only cut your hair with professional hair shears. Working in small sections hold the hair between your pointer and middle fingers then use point cutting to snip off the ends.

Pull the hair up straight over your head and use shears to snip off the ends to your desired length. In fact if you arent willing to get a pair youre better off not trimming your hair at all. Dont be afraid to cut your hairbe smart and understand the risks.

But these are desperate times and its possible to make do with whats on hand. Really sharp scissors like these are non-negotiable. But Im telling you its not hard at all.

Cutting your own hair in the mirror can be tricky. After trimming all sections seal the ends with an oil such as argan to mend and help stop any splitting. Shaky hands and hair cutting dont go well together.

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