How To Detangle Natural Hair Before Washing

If youre detangling prior to washing your hair you can use a hair moisturizer or a leave-in conditioner to soften your hair before detangling. In this video I will be showing you how I detangle Sophies hair after a week of wearing afro puffs.

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Start detangling the hair from the bottom.

How to detangle natural hair before washing. Before shampooing let coconut oil stay at least 20 minutes can reduce hygral fatigue on the hair according to a. Too much tension on the hair while it is under a weave could also cause excess breakage. Tie your hair in a braid while sleeping to avoid tangles.

Detangling wet hair can then make your hair strands fall out. Before I wash my hair I dry detangle it cause if I already have snarls it will get worst when it gets wet and marathon runs to my scalp. Then when I put theconditioner in my hair I comb through it again before I put a shower cap on and then I rense with cool water Read more.

If your hair is well conditioned and not very tangled you can brush your hair after it is dry. Comb some inches at the bottom and move upward gradually to ensure a painless experience. My wash day routine is quick effectiv.

Combing hair dry compromises the elasticity which refers to the hairs ability to stretch and bounce back without breaking. Detangle on Wet Hair. Gently apply the shampoo or other washing treatment in a smoothing motion from scalp to tip.

This is my weekly wash day routine for my natural hair. The best option however is to remove tangles on dry hair before hair wash and detangle your semi-dry hair after hair wash. I used a wide tooth comb starting.

After that proceed with your regular detangling routine before and after you wash your hair. Grab that water bottle sis and get your hair wet before you grab the detangling brush. These puffs were done on an old twist out.

I like to work in sections because my hair is pretty dense. Contrary to what many people believe you should not detangle natural hair after washing it. For coarse hair textures we recommend using a creamy leave-in conditioner like Suave Professionals Honey Infusion 10-in-1 Leave In Conditioner then gently detangle with a wide-toothed comb.

How to make wash day stress free and easy Detangling natural black hair can be really stressful to some people. Very tight curly coily or kinky hair has a tendency to tangle easily and as this type of hair tends to be dry combing through the tangles would cause breakage. I show you how I wash detangle my thick type 4 natural hair.

Brush your hair before taking a shower to ease the detangling process. Detangle Your Hair While Its WET. While our own hair dictates how and when we need to detangle some tips truly help in most cases.

Detangle your hair while its DRY. In this video I show you how to detangle dry matted natural hair before washing it. Wash one section at a time and clip or twist it again once done.

One would be detangling prior to shampooing. When the hair is wet the water breaks down the hydrogen bonds in the hair they reform again when they are dry stretching the hair to almost double its length making it very weak. Other Tips To Detangle The Hair.

Products Used Water Herbal Essence Hello Hydration Conditioner Hair Clips. Hair is more flexible and easier to work with when its wet or even slightly damp. Apply natural oil to the hair from root to tip.

Detangling should not be taken lightly as tangled hair can sometimes get so badly knotted that only a pair of scissors can. Smooth your hair back over your scalp until it feels fully wet. Rushing will only cause the hair to get knotty and you dont want that when your hair is already delicate from the braids.

Before shampooing every single shampoo you can do a pre-poo because the entire process of washing can be very rough on the hair. Let it sit for 30 minutes. So I do 2 methods.

Apply shampoo to hair. The number 1 mistake naturalistas make is detangling their hair while it is dry. Release the knots with your fingers before detangling.

We recently polled our community to find out when they detangle and 31 said they do it after deep conditioning while 26 said they detangle during their shower and 14 said they detangle before and after. Detangling natural hair after a weave. Corney adds that detangling natural hair dry is a definite no no.

Massage the scalp with your fingertips then wash thoroughly with water. This video shows how I detangle and moisturize my natural hair.

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