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Who is faster quicksilver or the flash. As comics usually go the Flash has actually grown into what is called the Flash Family. Sadly this does not include Tim Allens character from the movie Zoom. The Scarlet Speedster vs the Silver Bullet.

They the ability to run at super speed. Flash has moved so fast before that he can phase through solid objects and can also create enough friction and momentum where hes able to throw lightning bolts at his foes. NO SECRET IDENTITY The Flash has a pretty vicious gallery of rogues and at the top of the list is Reverse-Flash also known as Eobard Thawne.

Comparing these two isnt. That said Marvels most naturally gifted speedster Pietro Maximoff aka Quicksilver could potentially keep up with DCs Max Mercury who once shared his moniker. The question of whether Superman or The Flash is truly the fastest hero in the DC Universe has been the source of fan debate for decades.

I am no expert but I think Flash has gone the speed of light and Quicksilver can only move at speeds faster than sound. Faster than nearly anything in the DC Universe the Flash has access to the Speed Force which makes him reach top speeds that are essentially unimaginable. Surprisingly other heroes including members of the Flash Family can be even faster than Barry Wally West has outraced him a few times.

They can dodge evade and reflexes. Quicksilver is the super fast superhero from Marvel Comics and sometimes an Avenger. I dont think Quicksilver has ever gone faster than light.

And today DC Comics finally settled that question once. In the comics Id say generally FlashQuicksilver. Sonic the Hedgehog runs fast but just exactly how fast does he run in comparison to Flash Quicksilver.

As far as speed Fox QuickSilverDCEU FlashMCU Quicksilver. Quicksilvers speed is solely based on how fast his legs can carry him so it seems like the Flash might be faster after all. It is easier to slows down while They move faster.

This is because Flash uses the speed force. During his debut there werent many who could even compete with him. Its canon that the Flash is faster than Quicksilver they raced each other in the AvengersJustice League crossover comic.

12 Ark-Pine Bluff Fan Redneck part of Florida Member since Nov 2010 17090 posts. There are various superheroes in the DC Comics but one member of the Justice League is the fastest superhero around and he is called The Flash. Were here to discuss his speed.

Both the speedsters can travel back in time but both have different ways to do so. This is clearly anecdotal evidence at best. Answer 17 1805 2016 1847 The Flash without a doubt hes faster than the speed of light to the point where he can time travel.

18 QUICKSILVER IS BETTER. The Flash Zoom QuickSliver Superman and Vampires. Academy For Superheroes who its claimed is faster than Superman Quicksilver and The Flash combined.

I know you can say that even Quicksilver can think faster but cmon Barry is a forensics scientist who do you think will perform better. Flash has the ability to heal faster use his brain faster he can pass through objects and has increased senses. The Flash seems to indicate how fast Barry Allen.

Amazingly The Flash is way faster than anything Quicksilver has ever displayed in the comics thus far.

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